The Tanzania Emerging Youth Awards give national recognition and support to those young men and women who have demonstrated young people’s capacity and potential to make positive contributions to their communities, nations and the world at large. Young people are not passive beneficiaries of development and spectators to programmes and of policies that affect their development, but rather are integrally involved in the process of change as they continue to work side by side with decision makers as key actors and stakeholders contributing to national development. The young people and youth development stakeholders who will receive this award of excellence should demonstrate measurable/tangible impact through their development work within Tanzania (Mainland and Zanzibar).

The main objective of these awards is to recognize potential and outstanding contributions of young men and women aged between 15 to 35 years and youth initiatives in Tanzania.

Also, the awards aim to raise the profile of young people and highlight the contribution they are making towards developing a fairer, sustainable, peaceful, and prosperous future for the United Republic of Tanzania.

This year, Tanzania’s emerging youth awards 2021 is organized and at least 50 best outstanding youth are recognized and awarded.